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Why to Choose Khansa Carpets

We have the widest persian collection in lebanon, best quality, designs, prices, and service.
We have the carpet exchange service you can change your old carpet with new one, we give our customers guarantees.
We have the first and only center in Lebanon specialist in carpet caring and cleaning.
Bring Life To Your Home

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Clients Talks About Khansa Carpets

High quality carpets with original designs and reasonable prices! Love the colors and the uniqueness of each rug!

Farah Ali

Very nice place, a big choice of carpets, very interesting prices and especially great, great service!

Nina Nohra Germany

very big choice, good quality and new design with best price alway

Nahia Atallah

khansa Carpet creativity and good taste squandering Thank you for enriching the Lebanese houses with special persian carpets

Ahmad H. El Ratel

It is not only the gorgeous and breathtaking carpets that they have but the good customer service and tactful manners from the khansa owners that really matters 

Nabila Zaidan Chaya

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